What the World Needs Now: a Buddhist Perspective

November 30th—December 2nd (2018)

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  • $80 Suggested Amount
  • $100 Sponsor Amount
  • $40 Volunteer/Staff
Room: Joe Smith; 842 Beth Dr. Nashville, TN 37206

Register at Nashvilleshambhala.org

Friday November 30th 7-9pm
Saturday December 1st 9-5pm
Sunday December 2nd 9-12

Few would dispute that our world is in crucial need of greater wisdom, compassion and courage, not only from our leaders but also from each of us as we live our daily lives. This retreat explores the traditional Buddhist approach to developing these qualities through taming what are known as the “three poisons” of passion, aggression and ignorance. Working with the main Buddhist approaches (yanas), we come to discover that we all have  within us, as our deepest and truest nature, exactly what the world needs now.

This program will include meditation, group discussions, contemplation and talks by the teacher.

** Traditionally, Buddhist teachers are honored with a practice of generosity called a Heart Gift. In this tradition, there is no set honorarium promised to a teacher in return for teachings. Rather, each person who attends the teaching is asked to connect with the preciousness of the teachings and the benefit they have received from them. Then, in accordance with their means, to make a generous and heartfelt monetary offering to the teacher. This is called a Heart Gift because it is not an arbitrary number pre-assigned, but rather a gift that is directly reflective of one's appreciation of what they have received. At the end of the program, each participant will be asked to offer a Heart Gift to our teacher, which is in addition to the program tuition which covers things like food, rent, and supplies.