Week-Long Intensive Meditation

with Leslie Gossett

June 1st

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  • $300 Suggested Amount
  • $375 Sponsor Amount
Room: 410 Central Ave. Nashville TN 37211

Nashville Shambhala Meditation Group- Cultivating an Awake and Friendly Heart: Week-long Practice Intensive. Join us for a week of sitting meditation, walking meditation, yoga, teachings, and discussions. We will delve into what it means to have an awake and friendly heart. Drawing on the teachings of Bodhicitta, we will explore our own relationship to wakefulness and how that affects our relationships with others, as well as the community at large. A practice intensive is a time to deepen our practice through the power of practice for long periods of time, being supported on the path by our sangha, and by receiving and contemplating teachings. You are encouraged to come for the full week, but will be able to attend for a few days, or just one day.

June 1 to 7.

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